New Operations Manager hired!

A big welcome to Jeff Johnson, MEVSD’s new Operations Manager!

This position was approved by the board at the October meeting.  It replaces the former Business Manager position held by John Borchers.  Jeff will be responsible for the business operations side of the district, freeing Dr. Farrell to focus on his true area of expertise, education.

The great thing about the new position is that, because of the way it is structured, we are able to hire a person from the business world.  The state requires the traditional Business Manager job to be filled by an educator who then takes some business classes.  As anyone in business knows, it’s working in business that puts the business school side to work & shows what the education really means.  This idea of having an experienced businessperson run the business side of the district has been promoted by a number of community members for several years, and makes perfect sense from a management standpoint.

With Jeff’s background, he will be able to help the district operate more efficiently.  He will be focusing on energy management – a hot topic among school districts – and will also take over day-to-day management of the construction project.  Dr. Farrell said it is necessary to have someone overseeing the construction daily since it is such a large, complicated project, and Mr. Lucas echoed that Jeff’s salary will probably more than pay out just from construction savings alone.  I have been promoting hiring someone to oversee construction for quite a while, so I personally am thrilled to see this happen.

Once again, welcome, Jeff!

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