Newspaper Program Evolves

Two years ago, community member & professional educator Brenda Ely & I started an extracurricular newspaper program for sixth graders.  This past school year, the program was offered in Seipelt & Mulberry Elementaries.

This coming year, we are transitioning the program to be led by a Milford graduate, Cody Schultz, who will be studying journalism at UC-Clermont.  Cody worked on the Yearbook & Newspaper in high school, and he brings with him excellent references from a number of teachers, as well as a solid understanding of producing a student newspaper.  He will lead the current Seipelt & Mulberry programs, and hopes to add more elementaries to the mix.

Because of Cody’s involvement, we are also able to offer a special Summer Newspaper Camp for students who were in sixth, seventh & eighth grades this past year.  It will be a fun 8-week camp that will result in an electronic student newspaper distributed through the Community Press and on the school district’s website.  Brenda & I are staying on as volunteers to help Cody through the summer and also as he works through his first full-year program.

Newspaper Camp started this past Tuesday, but we still have a few slots open.  If your child is interested, please contact me and I’ll provide the details.  We will be able to catch your child up on what we did this week, so s/he can jump right in and become a fantastic summer reporter!

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