Ohio bill requires historical texts

This past Tuesday, the Ohio House of Representatives voted to make requirements around certain historical documents more stringent for high school students.  While previous state curriculum and proficiency test standards already require classroom instruction on documents such as the state and federal constitutions, the Declaration of Independence, and others, some people feel the information is filtered and students are not getting learning the documents from the “originals.”

Opponents to the bill feel items like the Bill of Rights, Emancipation Proclamation and other texts should be included.  Others say curriculum is already jam-packed and there is no room for more.  And still others believe the selection is culturally too narrow.

What do you think?  Is it important for students to read historical texts such as these directly, or is learning about them through textbooks and other lessons enough?  Which documents should absolutely be included, and which left out?  What’s important for our students to know about both our state and our federal government in order to be productive, contributing citizens?

The measure passed by a 2/3 margin and is headed back to the Senate.  Read the full story here, and stay tuned for the next step!

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