Open enrollment is successful in 2010-11

This school year, 46 students attended Milford under our new Open Enrollment policy, generating $264,000 in additional revenue.  Open Enrollment students are only accepted in classes when enrollment is uneven – thus, it does not cost the district any more to bring that student in, or increase class sizes, or displace Milford residents – but it does add to our revenue stream.

Dr. Farrell provided a progress report on these Open Enrollment students, tracking attendance, academic success, and disciplinary measures.  Only two students had any disciplinary issues, and most students are performing very well academically.  Students with disciplinary issues will not be able to return to Milford under Open Enrollment.

Based on these results, the administration recommends continuing the Open Enrollment program for next year.  We currently have 84 applications; it is too early to say how many spots will be available, as classes must be configured first to determine where openings are.  Open Enrollment students who attended Milford this year (with no discipline issues) will be given preference.


One Response to “Open enrollment is successful in 2010-11”

  1. Mike Mullarkey Says:

    How many studnts leave our district to take advantage of other districts open policies? This would reduce the net gain you listed.

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