Please report bullying

On August 16, the Milford school board approved a new hazing and bullying policy that extends repercussions for bullying not only on school property and at school-sponsored events, but also on school buses and through electronic means (such as Facebook, texts, emails, etc).

We also discussed the anonymous phone line and website option for people – students or adults – to report bullying.  While we encourage people to provide their names when reporting something they have seen or experienced, we recognize some are not comfortable with this.  The most important thing – REPORT!   The phone line is 513-576-2388.

The district cannot act on something it does not know about.  Please, if you see something – or hear about something that sounds like it needs to be investigated – report it asap!  We can then act on that information.

The district will be diligent in following up on cases of bullying.  Some information will be confidential, so the public may not know what action has been taken or what has been discovered.  But if you report something, and provide your contact information, we will let you know that we are handling the situation.

As in so many things, preventing bullying takes a village.  We all need to support each other and watch out not only for our own children, but for others.  Please help us be bully-free in Milford schools.

3 Responses to “Please report bullying”

  1. Hilda Lindner Knepp Says:

    Andrea: Thanks for this info. The recent suicide of a girl in my daughter’s class (rumor-due to bullying) has really been bothering me so I think the phone line is a good idea. I am also curious about how the school handles the “bully” if they are caught. I read the new policy and it says only “appropriate discipline is administered”. What does that mean? Also, why does the bullying behavior have to occur more than once? While I understand kids make mistakes, it seems the first occurrence of definite intimidation should be punished in some way, or am I reading the policy wrong? Thanks for any clarification.

  2. andreabrady Says:

    Hi Hilda,
    Thanks for the comment. The suicide is a horrible situation. But, I’d like to clarify – if there was bullying involved, it was not reported. The district did not know about it. It’s disturbing to hear all these reports of how this poor girl was bullied, when no one was willing to stand up and say something.

    The phone line has actually always been there, but we are going to promote it starting this year. No one knew about it, so no one used it. We are also adding a website-based form which will be on the web in the next few weeks. Either way of reporting can be anonymous if the reporter wishes, but of course we hope people will share their info.

    “Appropriate discipline” would vary by situation. Since the policy covers all forms & levels of bullying, the discipline would vary with the severity of the situation. I don’t know where you are looking re: it happening more than once? If you could send me what you’re reading, that would help, b/c I’m either missing it or not looking at the same thing.

    Thanks again, Hilda.

  3. Hilda Lindner Knepp Says:

    Hi Andrea: I went to school website, clicked on Board of Education, then clicked on Board Policy Link, and scrolled down until I reached the Hazing and Bullying Policy, 8-17-2012. It was a two page doc., and the first sentence of the third paragraph says: Bullying, harassment and intimidation is an intentional written, verbal or physical act that a student has exhibited toward another particular student more than once. As for appropriate discipline, is there a general way to handle verbal bullying, a general way to handle physical bullying? Just wondered what the school can do and when it can be done. For example, how many incidents of bullying does it take to expel a student? Appreciate the info.

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