Report card results are in – Excellent with Distinction again!

Data from the 2009-10 state report card has been released.  We are thrilled to report the Milford School District was rated Excellent with Distinction – again!  This is the 7th consecutive year Milford has received an Excellent rating, and the second with Distinction.

All buildings in the district were rated Excellent, with McCormick, Mulberry and Boyd E. Smith also earning Distinction.  All buildings met Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP), which is a measure of how all subgroups perform.  In Milford, our subgroups are:  all students; white; economically disadvantaged; Asian/Pacific Islander; African American; and students with disabilities.

All six elementaries and the Junior High either met or were above in Value Added, which measures student growth over time.  It measures whether a student has grown a year’s worth in a year’s time.  High schools do not have a value added rating.

The district met all 26 indicators, and our Performance Index was 104.0 (out of 120.0).  To receive an excellent rating, districts must receive an index of at least 100.0.  Our index last year was 101.5.  Boyd E. Smith was our highest-performing school this year, with an index of 108.8 and a fourth grade that scored 100% in math!

There is much more data available, both for the district and each school building.  Visit the ODE Interactive Local Report Card for more information.

One Response to “Report card results are in – Excellent with Distinction again!”

  1. Brenda Ely Says:

    I think far too much emphasis is placed on this report card. It forces districts to create a focus for the specific items to be measured, when many other items are just as important. In at least one case I know of, it has caused a school to provide an incentive for the children, specifically tied to this test result. Other children who had worked very hard and received excellent grades, but did not meet the state test score criteria, were excluded from the incentive. This sends a clear message to the staff, children, parents and community, that the children’t contribution to a good state report card is valued over their other achievments. Pretty sad!

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