Save Clermont Schools survey will provide perspective

Save Clermont Schools (SCS) is a blog that addresses issues faced by schools in Clermont County.  It was started by a resident of the West Clermont district, but residents from Batavia, Goshen and Milford also contribute information.  I read the blog on a regular basis and have found excellent information about education in general there, as well as specific issues in various districts.  I am also in regular contact with the administrator of the blog, who is committed to helping improve public education.

This week, SCS posted a 25-question survey that was compiled from input from blog readers.  They are asking that anyone in Clermont County who has an interest in education fill out the survey and return it.  You can download the survey (in MS Word) here save-clermont-schools-district-survey; instructions for returning it are in the doc.

Given the way the survey was created and how it’s being administered, the results will not be statistically valid for any given question.  However, input from the site administrator confirms that is not the goal:  instead, he would like more interaction from the public, to hear what people are thinking and feeling, and to start more of a conversation around public education in Ohio.

For these purposes, the survey is a great tool.  You’ll find some of the questions do not have just one answer – and for some of them, perhaps no answer is the right one for you.  That’s precisely what they are looking for:  input & thoughts that will provide perspective.

I strongly encourage you to fill out the survey.  I’m excited to see what comes out of this, and hope it provides some good information from various districts in the county.

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