Seipelt Alumni Program will support PTA

Alumni groups are popular for colleges and high schools, but one of the most emotional school ties we have is at the elementary level.  And in Milford, the elementary that is the highest common denominator for so many people is Seipelt (Pleasant Hill) Elementary.

Former Seipelt Elementary students Margaret Craycraft, Paige Ertel and Kayla Kornrumpf are going to harness that fondness that exists for our “first school” by starting a non-profit alumni program that will support the Seipelt PTA.  Another 3 dozen former students have also volunteered to help get the group up & running.

These seniors will work to create a community of people who attended the school, from age 12 to those who inaugurated the building as Pleasant Hill Elementary in 1962.  The group will keep alumni abreast of what is happening with the school, its people & its programs, perhaps branching out into hosting alumni-related events.  The community will also be a source of support for the Seipelt PTA for event volunteers and other donations.

If you would like to be included in the group’s email list, please send your information to  Also join the group’s Facebook page, Seipelt (Pleasant Hill) Elementary Alumni Program, and Like their fan page as well.

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