Seipelt Elementary named School of Promise

Charles L. Seipelt Elementary has been named a School of Promise by the state of Ohio for their achievement in school year 2011-12.  This elementary achieved the highest performance index in our district – 108.6 – and is in the TOP 5% of all Ohio schools!  This is a huge accomplishment, but it is even more impressive because of the composition of the school.

Since the 1970s, much focus has been on achievement by socioeconomic status.  It is documented that economically disadvantaged children are likely to perform at lower levels than their peers.  This is not because of capability, but from a combination of many factors.  In fact, the No Child Left Behind program was designed to close the achievement gap and support economically disadvantaged students.

Seipelt has by far the highest percentage of economically disadvantaged children in the district:  50%.  Yet, they were able to achieve amazing results last year, leading to the impressive 108.6 performance index.  The staff, students and families have all worked hard for years to put systems in place to allow these students to flourish.

Congratulations to everyone at Seipelt Elementary!

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