Summer Options

Wondering how you’re going to fill the extra-long summer coming up?  Here are three lesser-known ways to make those weeks more than just lazy days.

Learning About Money:  Teaching our children good personal financial management habits is key to helping them succeed later in life. “Why Money Matters,” a program maintained by UC’s Economics Center for Education & Research, provides resources and improves communication on all things relating to personal financial education.  Their website,, provides resources not only for educators, but also for parents and students to help learn the fundamentals of money management.

This summer, why not help your children learn how to manage their money while having fun at the same time?  The Stock Market Game and Students for the Advancement of Global Entrepreneurship are just two examples of how students can prepare for their future by learning financial & investment concepts in a fun, safe environment.

Great Reading Reco’s:  The Book Hook is a free monthly e-newsletter recommending new books for kid/teen readers.  In addition to brief reviews, the newsletter also features activity tie-ins and a few other nuggets you might find useful.

Milford parent of 4 DeAnn Marie O’Toole is one of the authors of The Book Hook.  DeAnn is an educator and regular contributor to Scholastic’s instructor magazine.  Her children’s stories, articles & poems have appeared in many highly respected children’s publications including Highlights for Children and Clubhouse Jr.

To receive The Book Hook, email with “subscribe” in the subject.  Each newsletter also has an “easy unsubscribe” button.

For Kids Who Love to Write & Create Art:  If your child likes to write – whether it be fiction, poetry, movie or book reviews, interviews, whatever – consider having him or her submit to Amazing Kids! online magazine.  This non-profit group features a kid-published international magazine 10 times a year.  It’s a great opportunity to get your child’s work published in a safe environment (you can leave off your last name if you like) and really fun for kids to see their work online!

Art of any type is also accepted.

Submissions can be sent to  Check out the website,


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