Taking time to think

George Couros is the Division Principal of Innovative Teaching and Learning for Parkland School Division in Alberta, Canada.  He believes in collaboration among all stakeholders, and is passionate about meeting the needs of children.

In this article, he talks about the importance of making classrooms “learner focused,” where children are not only creating, but are having the opportunity to pursue their interests and explore passions.  It’s an excellent look at how we can help our students prepare to be successful no matter where their path takes them.

One of the points he outlines that I feel is extremely important, and not focused on nearly enough, is time for reflection:  the opportunity to sit and think about what is being learned, and how it integrates with other things.  And this is true not only in the classroom, but in our lives in general.

Our children are busy from the time they awaken until they tumble into bed.  My daughter is no exception – she’s got many interests and wants to explore them all.

That’s wonderful, as our kids need the chance to experience different things to determine where their skills and interests truly lie.  However, they also need time to decompress and simply think.  Time with no television; no video games; no cell phones, iPods or iPads; no music…  Quiet time, by themselves, to think about what is happening in their lives, and to figure out where they want to go.

Try encouraging your child to incorporate some quiet, thinking time into his or her day, and see what happens.  It’s amazing what we can learn about ourselves when we simply take some time.

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