Tom Rocklin appointed BAC Chair for 2012 & 13

The Business Advisory Council (BAC) has been instrumental in helping the Milford school district with a variety of business-related issues over the years.  It’s a great way to leverage the knowledge and expertise our business people have to help the district investigate questions district personnel do not have the time or resources to address effectively.

Some projects the BAC has completed in recent history include:

  • Evaluation of food service operations and recommendations to maximize the district’s value from this enterprise account;
  • A report on what skills and preparation is required to prepare our students for the 21st century job market, as well as ways area businesses can help support our students; and
  • An overview of a business case for installing turf on the football field

The BAC consists of 8 members and a Chair.  The Chair position is a two-year commitment that was filled by Mr. Jeff Lykins, President of Lykins Companies, in 2010 and 11.

Board policy says the BAC Chair is chosen by the BOE at a public meeting, from people who apply for the position.  For the next two year term, we were lucky enough to have two excellent candidates apply:  Mr. Tom Rocklin, Senior Technical Projects Manager of the Products group of Siemens PLM Software; and Tony Hyott, Director of Planning & Program Development for St. Elizabeth Healthcare.

Both of these men is highly qualified and would do an excellent job.  After hearing from both and reviewing their résumés, the board agreed we would like both to serve on the BAC.  However, policy requires we choose only one person as Chair.

Because of his extensive experience with the district, community and other BACs, the board voted to appoint Tom Rocklin as BAC Chair.  Tony Hyott, who is new to the district and to working with school districts, will join the Council as a member and hopefully be willing to serve as Chair in the future.

Thank you to both, as well as to the past BAC committee, which will be recognized at an upcoming meeting.


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