Treasurer Randy Seymour resigns from Milford

I am extremely sorry to announce our Treasurer, Randy Seymour, will be leaving us for the Winton Woods school district.  The opportunity, which Mr. Seymour did not seek, fits better with his family situation.  His resignation is effective May 1, 2011.

Mr. Seymour has been a key factor in Milford’s financial stability over the past years.  When he came to Milford, we were entering fiscal caution.  His conservative approach to finance and the budgeting process helped lead to reduced expenditures each year, allowing us to pass a levy, emerge from fiscal caution, and focus our funds on education.  His open, honest, transparent budgeting process has won support and regained trust among many in the community.  He is an integral part of the leadership team in the district, and leaves MEVSD a much better place than he found it.

We all wish Mr. Seymour the best, and thank him for his service and commitment.

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