Thank you for supporting Milford schools

Over the past two months, I’ve talked with hundreds of people in the Milford school district.  I’ve had conversations and answered questions about why this levy is needed; other ways to reduce spending; problems with school districts in Ohio and in the nation; specific issues here in Milford; and much, much more.

While each person has his or her own perceptions, needs and goals for our district and schools, one thing is very clear:  our district has a tremendous amount of passion about our schools, and we all agree we want to see our students succeed.

By reading this blog, that tells me you are one of those people who doesn’t simply vote the same way you always have; instead, you take the time to talk, listen and learn about the issues.  No matter how you’ve decided to vote on the levy, I appreciate the commitment and support you show to our district.  And whether the levy passes or fails on Tuesday, I as a school board member will work to make sure whatever funds we have are spent responsibly, and any cuts that are required have as little effect on our students and community as possible.

If you haven’t decided which way to vote yet, or think you might want a bit more information before going to the polls – feel free to get in touch.  You can reach me at or 513-831-0378.

Once again, thank you for your support of Milford schools.

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