Highlights from 12/16/11 school board meeting

Articles this month:
Athletic update
Gary Knepp leaves the Milford BOE
China trip offers insights to district
Milford Main is new income generator for district

The district continues to work toward savings within daily operations, while also looking for ways to enhance education:

  • Junior High Principal Kelli Ellison explained how the JH is a pilot for how to best use technology in the classroom.  She will be updating us on their progress.
  • This month’s financial reports show a 2.42% savings.  This is ahead of the 2% savings requested by the board.
  • The JH PTA donated a total of $13,100 for various items.
  • The board approved a resolution to re-issue bonds, saving the district $111,000 net in interest
  • The board approved a contract between Wyoming School District and Milford Food and Nutrition Services, providing for shared service of our Food Service Director, Gerry Levy.  Wyoming will pay a portion of Ms. Levy’s salary; the split is currently based on the number of students at each district.  We will monitor the value of this agreement versus the increased requirements placed on other food service personnel, to determine if the contract is worth extending past the 2011-12 school year.  If the agreement is extended, we will also be evaluating the appropriate split between the districts.
  • As part of his update on his China trip (see article), Dr. Farrell discussed the district’s language offerings.  After discussing the online Chinese course with the current 6 students, he feels they would be better served by a live teacher.  In addition, the languages we offer overall will be evaluated in two years as part of the World Language review.  We will also look for ways to provide language instruction at a younger age.  Any changes to foreign language instruction must be sustainable cost-wise.

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