Board committees or work sessions open to the public

Committees that meet to discuss functional areas including Curriculum, Finance, Buildings & Grounds, Personnel, Communications and Athletics will now be open to the public and announced a minimum of 48 hours in advance of each meeting.  In March and April, we will test a new format, a work session where all committees will present to the board as a whole.

This change is being made to comply with the Sunshine Law, which says if board members are giving input that can lead to decision-making on district business, the meeting must be open to the public.

I am especially interested in the work session option, for several reasons:

  1. Board members can hear (in one meeting) what’s happening in all the various committees;
  2. It increases transparency by allowing the public to attend one meeting and hear what’s happening with all committees in the district;
  3. We can tape & broadcast the work session via public access, giving more people a chance to hear what’s going on; and
  4. It gives board members a chance to discuss topics as a group before a board meeting when we vote.

I am hoping this format works, but it will be a big change from how we are currently doing things.  If the work session is too cumbersome or does not fit for various reasons, we will keep the current committee format, with all meetings open to the public.

In addition to this discussion, I also asked that all liaisons to outside groups, such as Miami Township, the City of Milford, Great Oaks, the Chamber, Central Committee, and the BAC, present a short update on their area.  In this way, all board members will be up to date on significant happenings each month.

Finally, I asked the board to think about streaming board meetings and sending out Twitter feeds during the meeting, to increase access and transparency.  We will be discussing this further in coming months.

What are your thoughts?  Are you interested in hearing committee reports & discussion in a work session (either in person or via public access)?  Would you come to an open committee meeting during the month, if we don’t have a work session?  Would you like board meetings to be streamed, or to have access to Twitter feed on board meetings?  Please share!

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