Cell phones becoming more accepted

Some schools in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky are loosening the restrictions on the use of cell phones during the school day.

At Wyoming, Fairfield and Highlands high schools, students may use their phones throughout the day, but in class only with permission (for educational purposes only).  The new policies are reducing the amount of time teachers and administrators have to spend as “cell phone police.”

However, some teachers are also using today’s new technology for creative lessons in the classroom.  A few months ago, I shared this story on how one school has used texting to enhance poetry lessons – just one example of how embracing technology can lead to improved education.  In a Florida suburb, a Spanish teacher has found a fun way to use cell phones to enhance her lessons. And this article in the Innovative Educator talks about how progressive educators know it’s not a matter of if cell phones should be used in lessons, but when.

While cell phones will always require policing by teachers as there will always be some who will try to take advantage, many students respect and appreciate the policy, making it easier to manage unauthorized usage.

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