Private/Public Partnership Works!

A few months ago, Linda Naylor, a highly successful Re/Max Unlimited Realtor who works quite a bit in the Milford/Miami Township area, approached me with an idea:  was there a way for her to help our students by sharing her real-life experiences & knowledge in economics, finance & marketing?

In fact, this is one of the goals of Milford’s Business Advisory Council – to help students learn and work toward their ultimate career through partnership with businesses in our community.  In addition, financial literacy is a key and required component of high school curriculum.  Linda’s idea was a perfect fit, and timely as well.

I put Linda in touch with Nancy House, Principal of the High School.  Sure enough, there was an opportunity, and Linda and her associate, Bridie Kelly, talked with six classes this past school year!

“We presented in two finance classes, one economics, one financial literacy and two marketing,” Linda said.  “Each presentation was focused on the specific needs of the class.”

Linda & Bridie explained the process of purchasing a home and what that means for our economic system:  “We looked at an overview of the real estate business and how that has contributed, positively & negatively, to our economy overall.  We also discussed the confidence an individual must have in his/her purchasing ability to make a large purchase like a home – what must your life be like?  We considered the effect of perception on economics, changes in home ownership trends among Gen Y, and the challenges/costs of getting into the real estate business.”  While all classes were adapted to specific needs, each included a snapshot of the business to give students an idea of what it’s like to be a Realtor.

Programs like these can help all our students tremendously.  Many times education in the classroom doesn’t mean much until its applicability to our “real world” can be demonstrated – and that’s precisely what Linda & Bridie were able to do.

Thank you both for the hard work & time you put into these classes!  We look forward to having you back next school year.  And for others out there with a great real-world story to share with our students – please let us know!

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