Excellent for 9 straight years!

The results are official. Milford School District is once again rated “Excellent” by the Ohio Department of Education. Milford has been rated “Excellent” or “Excellent with Distinction” for nine consecutive years.  The Ohio Department of Education released the 2011-2012 local report cards on October 17, 2012. Milford has outstanding results, which continue to show improvement of our students’ performance on all the statewide tests. For example, in 2010-11, 38 of the 64 state test results were over 90%. In 2011-2012, 52 of 64 state test results were over 90%. In addition, the district met 100% of the 26 state indicators, including graduation and attendance rates. Milford also earned the district’s highest-ever Performance Index Score of 105.1 overall, with Seipelt reaching a high of 108.6 and Boyd a close second at 107.8!. This number has risen every year since 2008, and is an indicator that all students are performing at a higher level.

“I am so proud of the hard work of our staff and students and can see these efforts reflected in our report card results. Our Performance Index Score, which shows how well all of our students are achieving, continues to rise and rivals some of the best school districts in the area,” said Milford Superintendent, Dr. Robert Farrell. “What is even more impressive is that we are able to get these results at a Per Pupil Expenditure that is among the lowest in all of Southwest Ohio.”

In other areas, the district met Adequate Yearly Progress, a measure that holds schools accountable for the performance of subgroups, (e.g., economically disadvantaged, students with disabilities). In addition, the district met, but did not exceed the Value-Added measure. Value-added is part of Ohio’s accountability system that measures growth or improvement over a period of time to determine the “value” gained by a student during that time period. In order to be rated “Excellent with Distinction” a district must exceed the Value-Added target.

Milford Schools also put together its own 2012 Annual Progress Report, which showcases the many factors beyond state tests that reflect a high-performing district like Milford. You can access this report on the Superintendent’s page of the district website at www.milfordschools.org.  You can see the Enquirer article on local school district scores here.


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