Milford creates our own “report card”

Last night, Dr. Jill Chin and Nancy House presented the results of Milford’s 2010-11 State Report Card (click here for article).  As we’ve all come to expect, the results were “Excellent” and show how our district is exceeding the needs of its students.  However, board member Gary Knepp raised the question:  does the State Report Card measure fully how we’re serving our students and our community?

The answer is no:  a school district is so much more than what is reported on the State Report Card, which is based on test data from a few days out of the year.  While the Report Card has value in determining how we are performing quantitatively and compared to other districts, it doesn’t get at the true measure of what and how our students are learning.  It also does not touch the work we do with running the district and communicating with the public.

Mr. Knepp’s suggestion, which was approved unanimously by the board, was to create a “Milford Report Card” that measured more factors, such as financial approach, level of communication, and 21st century skills.  These areas are not new in our focus:  the board has been committed for several years to reducing expenditures through efficiencies; the Communications Committee (which includes board president George Lucas and myself) is looking for new ways to gather input from the community as well as reach out with information you want to receive; and our curriculum directors, principals and teachers have been working to incorporate 21st century skills into all we do (see related article on creativity/innovation discussion).

What is new is the board’s commitment to report information such as this formally to the public, in an annual “state of the district” report.  Dr. Farrell will lead the effort to determine what should be included in this report.  Our goal is to present to the district in the fall, around the same time as the State Report Card results are released.

2 Responses to “Milford creates our own “report card””

  1. Larry Deel Says:

    I like this idea of our own report card. Are other districts doing this?

  2. andreabrady Says:

    Some are doing “State of the District” reports – not exactly sure what they include, but we’re looking into it.

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